"Women in the West": A Collection of 372 Titles from the Library of Dorothy Sloan

"Women in the West": A Collection of 372 Titles from the Library of Dorothy Sloan


FINDING AID of the Dorothy Sloan Collection of "Women in the West." Please see the 29-page Inventory (PDF). Here is a collection of both women authors, and women as the subject of historical and literary narrative. Most of the collection was kept in storage for the last twenty-eight years, awaiting cataloguing and eventual sale. 

When Dorothy retired last year, we acquired her collection of "Women in the West." We are pleased to offer the collection of 372 titles en bloc for the price of $8,200 which includes free shipping in the Continental United States. 

 Of the 372 titles in the collection, nearly 25% are more than a century old. The earliest book in the collection is Sally Hastings’ Poems, on different subjects. To which is added, a descriptive account of a family tour to the West. (Lancaster, 1808).

The physical size of the collection is considerable. Without any packing material it would encompass 15 large boxes. There are photographs, gum cards, engravings, various inscribed books, plays of the California Gold Rush, memoirs and captivity narratives, travelogues, captivity narratives, autobiographies, Western novels, pamphlets, private press material, a few ‘zines, journals, catalogues, and magazines. It is the culmination of decades of labor, spanning all genres in the Western Americana tradition. The collection represents women’s voices of a myriad of ethnicities, including various Native American tribes, African and African-American women, Hispanic women, prostitutes, madams, cowgirls, ranchers, pioneers, and their struggles in the face of physical, social, and cultural adversity.