Item #3846 [ABSTINENCE PLEDGE CARD ca. 1830-1850]. Unknown Temperance Society.
No Spirit Cordials either


1830-1850. 1 leaflet (107 x 70 mm), torn with loss of text on the left side (see below). Folds and fraying. Poor. Item #3846

VERY EARLY PRINTED ABSTINENCE PLEDGE -- A REMARKABLE SURVIVAL. We are unable to explain why this shabby piece of printed paper was saved for more than 160 years, but it appears to be a poignant relic of someone's struggle with sobriety during the 1830s-1850s. The first possessor of our Abstinence Pledge remains anonymous. At some point, the leaflet was folded four times. At some point the text on the outer left portion was torn away, and at least ten words of the Pledge were lost. So why was the leaflet saved at all?

The text on our Abstinence Pledge is similar -- but certainly not identical -- to that which was propogated by the Liverpool Total Abstinence Society in 1835. Ours reads:

"[I do] agree to abstain from all Intoxicating [drinks] such as Rum, Brandy, Gin, Whisky, [Ale, Porter], Cider, Spirit Cordials & Wine; [except used] Medicinally, or in Religious [ordinances]; and to discountenance the Causes [and practice] of intemperance."

We have not been able to locate another example of this reading. For the Liverpool Total Abstinence Society Pledge, see P.T. Winskill, The Temperance Movement and its Workers, 1891, p. 140.

Price: $200.00

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