[Watercolor] Girl with demonic mask. Anonymous artist.
[Watercolor] Girl with demonic mask

[Watercolor] Girl with demonic mask

S.l. n.d. (20th century). Watercolor on paper. Matted (visible 163 x 83 mm) and framed (257 x 150 mm). Item #3001

This weird and wonderful watercolor may be something we will forever regret selling at any price. It is unsigned, but clearly by an artist of considerable imagination. We find the image compelling and highly curious: in the shadow only one hand is holding the mask, and yet the girl is firmly grasping it with two. What is the significance of this demonic mask, and why would a girl be presenting it above her head, in a manner that could almost be described as ritualistic? The child seems to gaze away from the viewer, but who - or what - is she looking at? We unable to explain our fascination with this watercolor. For those who are similarly ensorcelled: no explanation is required.

Price: $950.00

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